Prinsjesdag 2016 Marked In The Hague

  September 19, 2016 at 3:11 pm by

The Dutch Royal Family has celebrated today, Tuesday September 19, the official opening of the parliament, Prinsjesdag. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander was accompanied by his wife, Her Majesty Queen Maxima, his brother Prince Constantijn and his sister-in-law, Princess Laurentien.

The Dutch Royals left the Noordeinde Palace at 13:00 heading to the Knight’s Hall in horse-drawn carriages through the streets of The Hague. This year was used the Glass Carriage that was used for the last time in 1923. Princess Beatrix saw the procession of the carriages from the steps of the Mauritshuis Museum.

The King began his speech saying that the Netherlands is a prosperous, strong and attractive country that overcame the financial and economic crisis – even though, continued the King, there are still issues that impact in the daily life like “international threat of terrorism, instability on Europe’s external borders, the refugee issue and the economic uncertainties in the global market”.

King Willem-Alexander said in 2017 there is an expected growth in the Dutch economy thanks to agreements with social partners, the government and the employers but, added the King, it is also important the cooperation in the European Union. The King also stressed the importance to invest in energy, sustainability, accessibility and education. In 2017 will be invested extra money also for the security and the Netherlands will work with the European Union to fight against terrorism.

At around 14:00, the Dutch Royal Family left the Ridderzaal heading back to the Noordeinde Palace where the traditional balcony appearance took place.

Her Majesty Queen Maxima wore a custom-made two-piece gown consisting of a midnight blue silk Armure top and a gold-colored silk satin double gabardine skirt from the designer Claes Iversen. It was paired with a gold hat.

Princess Laurentien wore a knitted metallic jersey gown from the brand Talbot and Runhof paired with a matching hat.

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  1. Natalya says:

    Good luck to the Dutch Government !

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