Crown Princess Mary in Greenland with The Mary Foundation

  August 31, 2016 at 7:02 am by

A two-day visit to Greenland was on the agenda for Crown Princess Mary this week in conjunction with The Mary Foundation to discuss domestic violence.

The main engagement of the visit was a conference yesterday entitled ‘Domestic Violence – A Shared Responsibility’. The Crown Princess delivered the opening speech, in which she said that “We know that violence exists. We know that violence is illegal. And we know that violence is wrong. Nevertheless, the violence exists. Why? There is no simple answer, but part of the answer lies in the silence. If we do not talk about violence, it can continue uninterrupted” before speaking specifically about domestic violence in the country.

She then attended several workshops ahead of a private meeting with local women who had been victims of domestic violence.

Earlier, on Monday afternoon, she had also visited a crisis shelter in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, and met with the Department of Family, Gender Equality, Social Affairs and Justice.

During her time in Greenland, Mary – in a pink check skirt and black blouse – also paid a visit to the Sikkersoq integrated childcare centre in Nuuk, where she met with children who have taken part in the ‘Free of Bullying’ program initiated by The Mary Foundation. The children performed a song for their visitor, before posing for photos with the purple Buddy Bear.

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