Coronet Belonging To Queen Victoria May Find New Home Outside UK

  August 28, 2016 at 8:25 am by

A historically significant diamond and sapphire coronet belonging to Queen Victoria has had a temporary export ban placed on it by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to prevent it from being sold to an overseas buyer who purchased the coronet for £5million.

The Culture Minister, Matt Hancock, described the piece as “one of the most iconic jewels from a pivotal period in our history”. The export ban was recommended by the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest due to the “close connection with our history…and its outstanding significance for the study of the young Queen Victoria.”

The coronet, which features eleven sapphires set in gold and diamonds set in silver, was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria to match the brooch he gave her the day before their wedding. It showcases the deep devotion the monarch had to her husband, who died in 1861, as it was one of the few tiaras she wore after his death when she was in perpetual mourning.

It left the main line of the royal family in 1922, when King George V and Queen Mary gifted it to their only daughter, Princess Mary, when she married. Her descendants, the Lascelles family, sold it decades later to a dealer in London, who has now sold it to an overseas buyer.

It’s fate now rests on a British buyer – either private or an institution – coming to its rescue to remain in the UK. The decision on the export application will be made around late December, with an extension to the end of June 2017 possible if an alternative buyer is found.

Queen Victoria wearing the diamond and sapphire coronet in a portrait by Franz Xavier Winterhalter, 1842

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5 Responses to Coronet Belonging To Queen Victoria May Find New Home Outside UK

  1. Donna says:

    Why can’t The Queen or Prince Charles buy the tiara?

  2. Ten out of ten to Mr Hancock who has put a ban on the removal of the coronet from the United Kingdom.

  3. Exactly. Why can’t the Queen buy the tiara? They allowed Princess Margaret’s stunning Poltimore tiara to be sold. Victoria’s circlet is of much more historical significance than the Poltimore, so hopefully one of the Royal Family will come to the party.

  4. Susan M. says:

    Such an historic and iconic tiara has no business leaving Britain. Shame on those people who tried to sell it. And shame on Her Majesty and Charles for not doing something to keep this in Britain. This should be added to the Crown Jewels in such a way that it never passes out of the royal family and always stays in Britain.

  5. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    When my English great-great-grandmother (my grandmother’s grandmother), Elizabeth Collins, left Britan for good to settle down here, in Romania with her love-of-her-life young handsome Greek husband around 1850′, Queen Victoria was still a happily married queen sharing her bliss with her beloved Prince Albert. It was a royal love-story that had set standards of marital bliss for all the newlyweds of those times. And my English great-great-grandmother was no exception. She spoke about that extensively to her perfectly look-alike grand-daughter (my grandmother, that is, who passed it on to me, her perfectly look-alike grand-daughter.) So, even at four generations apart, the wharever English blood that was passed on to my veins is still making me wish that such profound symbols of the British Royal history that the Albertian coronet is to be never allowed to leave the British soil.

    I am a Romanian now and, like my ancestors did, I am very faithfully devoted to our Romanian Royal Family (closely related to the British one). Howevere, at times such as this when historical symbols are the matter, I remember of my never completely severed English ties.

    Diana Lucia Zotescu

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