Tillykke med årsdagen! Crown Princess Mary Helps Celebrate Glostrup’s 825th Anniversary

  August 27, 2016 at 6:22 pm by

The town of Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, is celebrating it’s 825th anniversary this year, and Crown Princess Mary was on hand at a festival held specially to mark the milestone.

Wearing a white lace dress and matching bolero jacket, the Crown Princess spent time being shown around the festival by Glostrup’s Mayor John Engelhardt, taking in karate and gymnastics showcases. Mary was presented with a book about the town during the event.

Glostrup was first mentioned in letters between 1186 and 1197, with the year 1191 decided as their ‘birth year’ as it falls in the middle of the two. It is likely the town was established slightly earlier to that, as the town’s church dates to 1150.

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