Jordanian Royals Celebrate Their Country’s First Ever Olympic Medal

  August 19, 2016 at 5:42 pm by

Although they were not present in Rio, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Queen Rania were delighted in sharing their nation’s joy on winning their first ever Olympic medal yesterday.

King Abdullah II and his son Crown Prince Hussein were among the first to phone and congratulate the Jordanian athlete Ahmad Abughaush, 20, who made history when he won gold in the taekwondo -68kg event beating Russia’s Alexey Dinisenko 10-6. They both expressed their pride and happiness on this great achievement. So did Queen Rania, who tweeted:

Other family member who also tweeted were Queen Noor, Prince Ali and Prince Hamzah.

The young golden boy, who was also the youngest competitor in the division, received special phone calls from Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein, President of the Jordan Olympic Committee, Prince Rashid bin Al Hassan, who heads the Jordanian Taekwondo Federation, Prince Ali and Prince Al Hassan bin Talal.

The family is also expected to receive and honour Abughaush, who became a national hero, with his family at the royal palace in Amman next week.

Ahmad Abughaush with his gold medal

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