Farewell Beloved Queen

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The funeral of Her Majesty Queen Anne of Romania took place yesterday outside the former Royal Palace in Bucharest and attended by members of the Romanian Royal Family, members and representatives of foreign Royal Families, members of the Romanian Government and State Institutions and a large number of other dignitaries. Not least of all, the funeral was also witnessed by the people of Romania, thousands of whom joined the solemn gathering in the Royal Palace Square and many more others watching the live television broadcast from their homes.

The funeral was not a full royal state funeral, but it was as close to one as could ever be possible in a country that has been a republic for many decades – the military processions and ceremonies were all carried out perfectly and with such dignity as befitted the farewell of a much loved Queen. There was no doubt at all that what the people of Romania and those far beyond witnessed today was a true and proper royal funeral – something that this proud country has not seen for 78 years with the funeral of Queen Marie.

Queen Anne’s coffin, covered in the bright coloured flag of Her Majesty’s Standard, was placed upon a royal blue bier, beneath blue skies and the warm sun.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margarita, Custodian of the Crown, was joined by her husband, Prince Radu together with Princess Elena and her husband, Princess Marie and Princess Sophie and her daughter.

They were joined by Princess Elena’s son, Mr Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills, the Duke of Parma (Head of the Royal House of Bourbon- Parma), Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Esteas, Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria and Archduke Carl Christian of Austria together with many other royal and noble representatives. The Romanian Prime Minister, His Excellency Mr Dacian Cioloș and his wife Mrs Valérie Cioloș headed the country’s governmental representatives.

The funeral service itself contained both Catholic and Orthodox elements, with His Eminence Archbishop Ioan Robu of Bucharest Metropolitan Roman Catholic leading the religious service and with members of the Romanian Orthodox Church hierarchy taking part.

Afterwards, the Queen’s coffin was carried with exceptional military precision by soldiers of the 30th Honor Guard Regiment “Michael the Brave” – who form part of Romania’s Guard Unit – before being placed in a hearse before the funeral procession commenced.

The procession followed a slow-paced route from Royal Palace Square, via Romana, Victoria and Charles de Gaulle Squares before arriving at Bucharest’s Arc de Triomphe. Thereafter, it continued at a quicker speed to the Cathedral church at Curtea de Arges where a second service took place before burial. The service was officiated by Archbishop Calinic and in the presence of Archbishop Ioan Robu of Bucharest Metropolitan Roman Catholic Church.

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