That’s Not Meant To Happen! Plaque Unveiling Goes Awry For Prince Charles

  July 21, 2016 at 2:02 pm by

The Prince of Wales paid a visit to the Daneway Banks Nature Reserve in Gloucestershire today, touring part of the 38acres of the reserve and meeting with conservationists and volunteers.

He unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark his visit, which was in part to learn about the reserve’s successful preservation of the endangered Large Blue Butterfly, however this was when everything did not go according to plan: as the Prince went to remove the cover from the plaque, the whole thing went toppling to the ground as the cover got caught on the framework.

The Prince broke out into a laugh before the plaque was quickly returned to its easel, and Charles carefully tried again.

Charles is the patron of the Royal Society for Wildlife Trusts, of which the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust – the owner of the reserve – is part of.

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