Surprise Photo Session at Solliden

  July 20, 2016 at 9:02 am by

Photos have been released today in the Swedish media of a photo session this past Friday at Solliden Palace of the royal family.

The surprise session was held due to the large interest in the royal family – no doubt due to the five young children that have come along in recent years – and is reminiscent of the summer photo sessions King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia used to do in the 1980s when their children were young.

Posing on a bench in the gardens, spirited Princess Leonore broke away from the family group, seemingly uninterested in participating. It was only when her mother, Princess Madeleine, chased her down did Leonore calm a little and stay still just long enough for some fun group shots to be taken.

Meanwhile, Princess Estelle was quite content sitting in between her grandparents, as the two youngest Bernadottes – Prince Oscar and Prince Alexander – enjoyed the attention of the parents.

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