Norwegian Royals Mark Silver Jubilee in Trondheim

  June 23, 2016 at 6:18 pm by

The Norwegian Royal Family has celebrated the 25th anniversary of King Harald’s consecration in Trondheim, the city where the ceremony took place back in 1991.

A commemorative church service was held this morning at the Nidaros Cathedral, the traditional site for consecrations of Norwegian Kings. King Harald and Queen Sonja were joined by their two children, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Martha Louise, with their families, as well as the King’s sister Princess Astrid. All of the couple’s grandchildren (bar Marius Borg Høiby) wore the Norwegian national dress, the bunad.

It was then over to Ravnkloa for the family, as they attended the “people’s breakfast”, viewing a number of stalls that had been set up as part of the event. Young Prince Sverre Magnus took particular interest in the town’s fish market, picking up several different fish on offer to get a closer look.

The day was ended with a garden party for 600 at Stiftsgården, the family’s official residence in Trondheim. Having changed into less formal attire, the royals appeared on the small balcony of the building, with the ladies combining their summer dresses with floral crowns on their heads.

King Harald gave a speech during the party, saying that Trondheim “is a very special place” for both him and his wife, Queen Sonja, as well as the Norwegian monarchy as a whole due to its long connection with the city: “June 23 25 years ago will always stand for us as one of the greatest days in our lives. The impressions were so large, and feelings so strong, that all of us in the family almost felt outside of ourselves when we came out of the Cathedral to the sea of people that awaited us.”

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2 Responses to Norwegian Royals Mark Silver Jubilee in Trondheim

  1. Southern Lady says:

    Princess Ingrid Alexandra is certainly growing up. She is really a very pretty young lady!

  2. Natalya says:

    Congratulations !

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