Prince William Speaks at London 2016 Founders Forum

  June 16, 2016 at 5:23 pm by

The Duke of Cambridge was today present at the London 2016 Founders Forum, a technology conference.

After viewing some of the latest creative technological developments – including dancing robots and a human-carrying drone – the Duke gave a speech about cyber-bullying and what must be done to bring it do an end.

“Children and young people use the Internet more than almost any of us, but are too young, inexperienced or lacking in the maturity of adults to make the right judgments about what is and what is not safe…I was alarmed about the increasing reports of online bullying that were making headlines around the world.

From the girls developing eating disorders after being subjected to a campaign of abuse on social media, to the teenage boys who took their own lives following constant targeting – as a parent myself, I was appalled,” William said before saying that the internet is new and that the next steps the technological world takes must be right because they are “moulding technology forever”.

He also made a joke about the England v Wales game that was going on during his visit, asking people not to give away any scores or updates as he was “recording it at home”.

William’s speech was part of the launch of his cyber-bulling task-force through The Royal Foundation.

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