Letizia’s Leather Culottes Make Yet Another Appearance

  June 15, 2016 at 7:29 pm by

The King and Queen of Spain have received the Board of Trustees of the Princess of Asturias Foundation at Zarzuela Palace for the Foundation’s annual meeting.

And Queen Letizia decided that her Uterqüe leather culottes required another venture out of the wardrobe, this time pairing them with a fuchsia pink blouse. The pants have been seen several times this year, and to be honest – they’re not a piece that gets better with age.

Hopefully they soon get retired to the back of the royal wardrobe!

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6 Responses to Letizia’s Leather Culottes Make Yet Another Appearance

  1. Karen119 says:

    I wasn’t a fan of culottes back in the 1960’s and I’m still not a fan.

  2. Robin Webb says:

    I think they look great!

  3. maria carmen says:

    Lui e’ proprio un Re. Ma lei….

  4. Susan M. says:

    I like leather pants. But when they get to this length, they need to be narrowed to regular pants style. With her choice of footwear, this style looks ridiculous sad to say.
    Culottes traditionally have been shorter, more knee length. The Queen has the perfect figure for leather pants, but she needs to work on the style a bit before bringing them back out of her closet.

  5. I just may dream to become a miniature lady.

  6. No. Really it is not very elegant for a Queen.

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