Princess Maria of Romania Visits Therapy Centre

  June 11, 2016 at 6:23 pm by

Last Thursday, Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania visited the Don Orione Association in Bucharest. It is residential and day-care centre for the elderly and a therapy centre for adults and children who have neurological difficulties such as autism.


Photo by Daniel Angelescu

It is well known that interacting with animals is a great way to relax and bring stress-levels down. But it has also become a successful way in benefitting the emotional and mental health of those who use this centre, which has its very own, very happy looking donkey!

According to the Royal Family of Romania website, The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation has had a long association with the Don Orione Association and Princess Maria’s visit serves to continue the support that the Royal Family provide towards people with special needs and disabilities in Romania.


Photo by Fotografii Daniel Angelescu

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