Infanta Elena Receives Winners of Youth Painting Contest

  June 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm by

In a surprisingly not-overwhelming outfit given the print on her pants, Infanta Elena has received the winners of the 25th edition of the Contest of Children and Youth Painting for National Heritage.

Elena viewed the exhibition of artworks created by the students, which must include monuments or historic gardens of national heritage, or palaces and religious foundations with historical links to the Spanish Crown, before presenting them with their certificates.

Her pink and black printed pants were offset by a simple salmon pink coat.

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One Response to Infanta Elena Receives Winners of Youth Painting Contest

  1. Pearl says:

    She has always been a class act, and it’s so nice to see how happy she made the young boy while giving him his award. I’m very often in a wheelchair and so many people ignore us, as if we weren’t there. Brava, Infanta Elena!

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