An Awesome Foursome Visit to Wales

  June 7, 2016 at 5:24 pm by

A visit to Wales was on the agenda for the four most senior royals in Britain today, as Queen Elizabeth was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall for the opening of the Fifth Session of the National Assembly for Wales.

“The Assembly can be proud of the way it has engaged with a broad audience across Wales and beyond, to create a better understanding of the important work that is undertaken here; and I am sure that you will continue to show innovation and leadership in the way that you communicate with all those you serve, and to involve them in your work,” the Queen said in her speech at the opening, before wishing the Assembly well for the next year.

It appeared the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall had colour-coordinated their outfits ahead of the visit, as both ladies were wearing shades of minty-green (though according to a spokesperson, Queen Elizabeth’s coat and dress were “aqua green”).

It was then on to Cardiff University, where the Queen opened their new £44m Brain Research Imaging Centre, which is the biggest in Europe. She and the Duke were given a tour of the new facilities, including the neuroscanner and MRI machines. During the tour, the Queen called all the technology “fascinating”, saying that “to know what goes on in the brain is extraordinary.”

Local schoolchildren were also part of the opening, showing the royal couple different mind games that are used in brain studies. Another special feature that caught Prince Philip’s eye was a seahorse sculpture made of pennies – some of which, he informed its creator Dr. Gemma Williams, he had a hand in approving for pressing.

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  1. maria carmen says:

    amilla superbamente elegante. Regale, perfetta. La Regina, favolosa.

  2. maria carmen says:

    ho dimenticato la C di Camilla. Sorry

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