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Catch Me If You Can! Princess Leonore Pays First Visit To Her Duchy

  June 3, 2016 at 9:36 am by

Two-year-old Princess Leonore had her parents, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, on their toes today during her premiere visit to her duchy, Gotland.

While she was being introduced to Haidi af Gotland, the horse Leonore received as a christening gift from the Administrative Board of Gotland, the young Princess – in a blue and white pleated dress with a large blue bow in her blonde hair – was more interested in escaping her parents’ grasp and running free through the grass. At one point, her shoes and socks were ditched in favour of going barefoot!

“Now you know what we’re dealing with,” Princess Madeline joked to the press, while Chris piped up with the affectionate term “wild monkey”.

After a quick change into a white dress with blue piping, it was on to lunch with the Governor of Gotland before a walk through the cobblestone streets of the town to the Gotland Museum. A number of locals had come out to see the royals, with students presenting both Leonore and Madeleine with bouquets (the smaller of which quickly was passed off by Leonore to daddy).

All in all, it seemed that the Duchess of Gotland had a fabulous day on her first visit to the duchy – though it wasn’t precisely how her parents or the organisers had planned!

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One Response to Catch Me If You Can! Princess Leonore Pays First Visit To Her Duchy

  1. Joyce Small says:

    Princess Leonore is an adorable little girl..more
    of these cute pictures please..
    Thank you.

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