Where’s Your Tie, Son? Prince Harry Gets A Scolding While Meeting WWII Veterans

  June 3, 2016 at 6:46 am by

Prince Harry received a telling-off during his visit to Southwark House in Hampshire yesterday, for not completing his outfit with a tie.

“Where’s your bloody tie?” 91-year-old veteran Ivor Anderson jokingly scolded the Prince when he first saw him as Harry arrived to meet with 45 World War Two veterans who will be making the annual pilgrimage to the beaches of Normandy to mark the anniversary of the D-Day landings with charity D-Day Revisited.

Harry sheepishly admitted to feeling “underdressed” as he had been told a tie was not necessary for the day, before declining a loan of a tie from Mr Anderson, of the 591 Para Squadron Royal Engineers, because he “did not have his wings” that the tie would indicate.

The Prince was shown around the House, where the D-Day landings were planned, by a few of the veterans, seeing the map room where a large-scale map of the English was installed on a wall to help plot the invasion.

After a group photograph, Harry spent time chatting with the veterans, listening to their memories of the war and why they are making the trip back to Normandy. “I have so much respect for you guys – running off a boat on to those beaches,” Prince Harry said to them, before wishing them well on their trip and jokingly instructing them, “don’t get into trouble and if you do, don’t get caught.”

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2 Responses to Where’s Your Tie, Son? Prince Harry Gets A Scolding While Meeting WWII Veterans

  1. May God bless these men, every one of them. My father and uncle, both Americans, landed at Normandy and they suffered all their lives from the horrors of it and what lay beyond. What these old boys faced was tantamount to running blindly through the gates of hell.
    I do wish that credit would be given to all of the Allies where credit is due. On this side of the pond, we focus on American, then British glory, but many others contributed with their lives and sanity as well, especially the Russians: 20 million lost.
    Vincent Savage
    all the best to you!

  2. Natalya says:

    Good Luck to everyone in this remarkable meeting !

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