Duke and Duchess of Chartres With Family on Pilgrimage

  May 23, 2016 at 10:45 am by

Last weekend the Duke and Duchess of Chartres and their children celebrated Pentecost in a special way. The couple and their children went on a pilgrimage, walking from the Notre Dame de Paris to the Notre Dame de Chartres.

The Duke of Chartres is a ‘grandson of France’. He is the eldest son of the Duke of Orleans, brother of the head of the French royal family. He married Illéana Manos in 1997. the Duchess of Chartres is descends from the Sutzu Phanariot rulers of the Principality of Valachia, and from Constantinoplean, Greek, Romanian and Vlach nble and boyar families. She is distantly related to Queen Aspasia of the Hellenes.

Together the couple has five children: Prince Philippe (1998), Princess Louise (1999), Princess Hélène (2001), Prince Constantin (2003) and Princess Isabelle (2005). The family is pictures below, together with two friends. The eldest son is missing from the photograph.

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