Archduchess Francesca: “Austrians Are At Crossroads”

  May 22, 2016 at 1:26 pm by

Archduchess Francesca, wife of the head of the Austrian imperial family, wrote an open letter to the Austrian newspaper ‘Kurier’. In the letter she focussed on the presendential elections in Austria that were held today. The article mentions that the Archduchess herself can not vote in the elections, but if she could, she would vote for Alexander van der Bellen and not for his opponent Norbert Hofer.

In her letter she said that as a “good christian” she denounced the words of bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg who described Van der Bellen as an “extreme left candidate.” According to the Archduchess the presedential elections has two choices: one for openness and tolerance which is consistant with Christian values or one for closed borders and isolation.

Although the Archduchess made her choice, it seems the Austrians did not. After the votes are counted it seems that the two candidates both have 50% of the votes. The elections will most likely be decided tomorrow, when the postal votes have also been counted.

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