Dom Duarte: “I Am Very Proud Of My Children”

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Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança and head of the royal family of Portugal, spoke to the Belgian magazine L’Eventail about his children, his causes, his role in Portugal and about his connections to the Belgian royal family.

The duke was asked about the fact that unlike Spain, Portugal did not become a monarchy again after the death of their facist leader, Salazar. The duke replied that Salazar did think of a restoration but there was too little support and the older Salazar got, the more he wanted to do everything by himself. “My disagreement with him was about the policy relating to the overseas territories. I thought it was necessary to democratize Africa and develop local political elites to form a sort of “commonwealth” for Portuguese-speaking countries.

The causes closest to his heart are the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. “. I believe that the soul of a people is expressed through architecture and landscape. If we destroy them, we affect our memory.”

The duke said that it took some time for him to get used to the fact that he became a father in 1996. “I often told myself: it is not possible, we lack the experience!” He adds that he is very proud of his children, all three of them have a strong sense of responsibility.

On the question if he knew Belgium, the duke replied: “Of course ! I am part of the cultural council of the Duke of Arenberg Foundation and my wife and I, we love Mathilde and Philippe who came to us in the Algarve, Queen Fabiola and also King Albert. I also like the other Belgian cousins, Astrid and Laurent who are a lot of fun.”

Dom Duarte en famille

Dom Duarte and his wife and children

Read the entire article in French here.

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