Brazilian Prince Keeps Hopes Up During Dilma’s Impeachement

  May 20, 2016 at 6:55 am by

Prince Bertrand of Brazil, heir to his elder brother Prince Luís Gastão, head of the Imperial family of Brazil, spoke to the newspaper Financial Times two days ago. The author of the article stressed the difference between the prince’s grandiose names, title and hopes and his actual living condition: he lives in a rented two-bedroom house in São Paulo, with a narrow kitchen and a Toyota Primus in the driveway.

The prince talked about the impeachment procedure of president Dilma Roussef. He claims that a republic corrupts and that Brazil needs a monarchy. In the present political chaos a growing numbers of Brazilians agree with the prince, though others are in favour of a military coup d’etat. Prince Bertrand is convinced that the Brazilians would vote in favour of a monarhcy if a referendum were to be held. He doesn’t have many kind words for the present ruling party in Brazil. He calls the Marxists and claims that they want to “turn Brazil into a Soviet Republic.”  Global warming is a hoax created by “reds” and “eco-terrorists” and he is against the preservation of indigenous tribes, which he calls “a communist plot.”

The Prince also confessed he is not too impressed with the Duchess of Cambridge: “I prefer the ways of Queen Elizabeth. Well-dressed, well-presented, dignified.” “Imagine if she also went out in blue jeans, what a disappointment that would be.” The prince doesn’t own a television set but he did follow the episodes of Downton Abbey on his laptop.

Read the entire article on the website of the Financial Times:

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