Will Infanta Cristina Move To Lisbon?

  May 18, 2016 at 12:18 pm by

The Spanish press has been speculating about a move of Infanta Cristina to Lisbon, Portugal. At the moment the princess and her family are living in Geneva, Switzerland where she is working for the foundation of the Aga Khan. On May 11th it became clear that the Aga Khan had acquered the Henrique Mendoça Palace in Lisbon as he plans to tranfer his organisation from Geneva to the Portuguese capital.

An exile in Portugal is not a novelty  for the Spanish royal family: for years the count of Barcelona and his children lived in Estoril, West of Lisbon, as Franco forbade him to live in Spain.

The press suggest that a move to Lisbon may be a perfect sollution for the princess and her family. She will be closer to her relatives and friends but still far away from Spain not to cause an embarrasement to her brother King Felipe VI.

Leaving for Lisbon?

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