Wine and Cakes as Felipe and Letizia Visit Castilla La Mancha

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The king and queen of Spain visited three towns in the region Castilla La Mancha today. The first stop was Villanueva de los Infantes, afterwards they went to Tomelloso and Talavera de la Reina. In each town the king and queen were greeted by large and enthousiastic crowds. Among other things, the monarchs visited the largest wine cooperative in Europe.

TRF moderator Annie_S shares the following anecdote:

Last time a King of Spain visited Villanueva de los Infantes was in 1926, with Alfonso XIII (Felipe’s great-grandfather). My grandma’s mother usec to remember that visit and how all the people in town went to the main square to see the King. At the luncheon, the town’s baker created some special small cakes that seems to have been very much of the King’s pleasing, so much that he used to have some sended to Madrid from the local bakery from time to time. The bakery (still going on with that baker’s descendants) became famous in the region for “the king’s cakes”, and the baker named them “alfonsinos” to honour the King. Felipe and Letizia will receive some “alfonsinos” among other presents.

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