Countess Alexandra Speaks About Second Divorce … And So Does Her Ex-Husband

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Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, ex-wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, spoke about her second divorce to the Danish press. The countess announced her divorce from Martin Jørgensen -14 years her junior- in september 2015. The couple was married since 2007.

In an interview to the tabloid Belingske Tidende Alexandra revealed that she no longer speaks to Martin, and neither do her sons. Although she thought the divorce was hard for her boys, especially for the youngest, she tried to do what is best for them. She also thinks her children respect her for being honest to them. The countess emphasized that although the divorce may be difficult, Felix and Nikolai “… have one father, they have always had one father.”

The interviewer said that he thought the countess found happiness when she married for the second time in 2007. Alexandra replied: “Yes, so did I. Then one can be surprised or shocked. But it turns out that it wasn’t the happiness of my life. The love of my life. I’d rather be alone now.”

As a reason for the divorce, the countess explains that Martin was someone else than she thought he was. She could no longer reconcile herself with his values and finally had enough. Once she made the decision to divorce in the summer of 2015 she wwanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Alexandra also said that she has no intention of leaving Denmark.

It didn’t take long for Martin Jørgensen to reply. He spoke shortly to Ekstra Bladet and said that “being married to Alexandra did not develop me into the direction I dreamed about.” He understands that ALexandra wants her side of the story out and he does not exclude the possibility that he will reveal more at a later date.

Courtesy: TRF member Muhler, who translated and explained the article in this thread. Thank you!

The countess at Queen Margrethe’s 40th jubilee

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3 Responses to Countess Alexandra Speaks About Second Divorce … And So Does Her Ex-Husband

  1. M Alexander says:

    It’s always best to keep a dignified and discreet silence on such matters – speaking out will most likely not do Alexandra any favours – Martin can speak out if he likes – but participating in some kind of “he said” she said” nonsense after the event is pointless.

  2. Joan Hart says:

    The reasons for the divorce are private unless you are part of the marriage. Therefore to the public, the reasons should be unimportant.

  3. Chris Van Epps says:

    Keep the reasons from the public for the kids sake. I hope the.Countess will find happiness soon.

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