Visit Princess Chantal’s Exposition in the Provence

  May 14, 2016 at 2:57 am by

Princess Chantal of France, sister of the count of Paris -pretender to the French throne- will show her paintings at the lovely Hotel de Manville in Baux de Provence, close to Avignon. The exposition will be opened on May the 29th and will last until the 12th of June.

The princess spends much of her time at her house in the Provence where she has painted her works. he paintings mostly consit of trees “who have jealously guarded my secrets and who have been my discreet confidents”. The princess was introduced to painting by Guy Malherbe. She is not the only artist in her family, her elder sister the Duchess of Württemberg for example is a successful artist and sculptor.

Princess Chantal is the 10th of the 11th children of ‘Monsieur’ and ‘Madame’: Prince Henri of France, Count of Paris and his wife Princess Isabelle of Orleans-Bragança, member of the Brazilian imperial family.  She was born in 1946 and married in 1972 to Baron Axel Sambucy de Sorgues. Together they have two sons, one daughter and eleven grandchildren.

More information on the website of Princess Chantal:

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