Funeral of Fürst Albrecht of Castell-Castell

  May 13, 2016 at 10:18 am by

Hundreds of mourners gathered this morning is Castell, Bavaria, to pay their last respects to Fürst Albrecht of Castell-Castell. The Prince died in Castell on Monday night at the age of 90. Over 1000 people were invited by the family to attend the funeral service. The local Johanneskirche only had place for 650 people. The other guests gathered in a tent in the courtyard of Schloss Castell, which was connected with the church by video.

Among the guests were Barbara Stamm, president of the Bavarian Landstag and Josef Schuster, president of the central Jewish council in Germany. The late prince dedicated part of his life to reconsiling the German Jews and the other Germans. The deacon of Castell, Günther Klöss-Schuster, praised prince Albrecht as an engaged christian who wanted to bring Christs word in practice. After the service the coffin was interred in the local family cemetary.

Yesterday the coffin of the late prince was carried from his home to the main castle by his grandsons. Later it was brought to the Church where a guard of Honour stood near t over the night.

Many member sof German and Austria’s royal houses were present. As soon as we will have more information this post will be updated.

More photos of the funeral here.

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