Cigarette Reduces Schloss Ebenzweier To Ashes

  May 12, 2016 at 9:33 am by

Schloss Ebenzweier in Altmünster, Austria, has burnt down on monday. A burning cigarette that was thrown into the castle’s rose garden is the most likely cause of the fire.

The castle’s history goes back to 1292. In 1830 it was sold to Archduke Maximilian Joseph of Austria-Este. After his death in 1863  the castle was inherited by his niece Archduchess Maria Theresia. In 1891 she sold the castle to Prince Jaime of Spain, duke of Madrid and Carlist pretender to the Spanish throne. After Prince Jaime’s death the castle was inherited by his uncle, the Duke of San Jaime, who died in 1936. The prince left the castle to Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma, who who eventually succeed to the Carlist claims. In 1971 Xavier’s son Carlos-Hugo, husband of Princess Irene of the Netherlands, donated the castle -which was in need of repairs-  to the town of Altmünster.

It took 52 hours and 450 firemen before the fire was extinguished. Today the first inspection of the castle will start. It is hoped that the castle can be restored to its former splendor.

The Castle now…

The Castle in better days…

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2 Responses to Cigarette Reduces Schloss Ebenzweier To Ashes

  1. Natalya says:

    C’est dommage !

  2. Robert Gray says:

    The line of ownership is not correct. Maria Theresa, Comtesse de Chambord, left Schloss Ebenzweier to her nephew, Don Alfonso Carlos (Duke of San Jaime), in her will when she died in March 1886. Her great-nephew, Don Jaime de Bourbon, never owned the castle. Prince Xavier de Bourbon inherited the castle from Don Alfonso Carlos — so that part is correct. I have a copy of the Comtesse de Chambord’s last will and testament and can attest to these facts.

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