Taking a leaf out of Mr Cameron’s book? Queen Calls Chinese Officials “Very Rude”

  May 12, 2016 at 1:38 am by

So after The Queen’s birthday event with dignitaries yesterday morning, we were treated to the first Garden Party of 2016 at Buckingham Palace. However it seems that Mr Cameron’s earlier faux pas may have rubbed off on The Queen when she was overheard commenting on the rudeness of the Chinese dignitaries during their visit last year.

When meeting Lucy D’Orsi, the police officer who had been in charge of operations during President Xi Jinping’s state visit, The Queen expressed sympathy for what she had to go through. Commenting on the rudeness of Chinese officials towards the UK’s ambassador to China during a standoff apparent about security. The fact that she brought the sentiment up immediately shows how much it rankled even after seven months.

Diplomatic Faux pas, accidental comment or was The Queen trying to send a message? Cameramen have been at royal garden parties for years and you certainly couldn’t have missed this one. I imagine our dear Chancellor is kicking himself this morning after that special relationship he’s been trying to so hard just got knocked down a peg. The Chinese even felt it necessary to black out the aforementioned text in a variety of news articles allowed in the country.

Two faux pas’ in one day; the press wheels are in overdrive this week.


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