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Belgian King and Queen Share Three Events In One Day

  May 11, 2016 at 10:55 am by

A busy day for the king and queen of Belgium. Together with their son they participated in three seperate events. In the morning King Philippe I and Queen Mathilde received school directors from Brussels in the royal palace to talk about the challenges, tools and prospects of Belgian education.

In the aftenoon the king and queen split up. The king received Luc Glorieux in the Royal Palace of Brussels. Mr. Glorieux handed the Belgian monarch a reprint of the book ‘Albert & Elisabeth de Belgique, Mes Parents’. The book was originally written by none other than Queen Marie-José of Italy, a great-aunt of the present king and daughter of King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth.

Queen Mathilde went once again to Flagey cultural center in Brussels to attend the piano semi-finals of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition. Two days ago she took her daughter Éleonore along. This time it was Prince Emmanuel’s turn to accompany his mother. The prince wore red trousers, perhaps to go with his mothers nice dress. The grey hair behind Queen Mathilde on the photo below belongs to the graceful Archduchess Rudolph of Austria, née Princess Anna-Gabriele of Wrede, who seldom misses a performance of the competition. The Belgian court announced yesterday that on May 25th the Belgian Queen will be accompanied by Queen Máxima of The Netherlands.

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