Orthodox Easter Celebrations for Romanian Royals

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See original photo at http://www.romaniaregala.ro

Last weekend, members of the Romanian Royal Family celebrated the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Easter on May 1st with various colourful and religious events.
Custodian of the Crown, Princess Margarita of Romania and her husband Prince Radu were in Sweden for the 70th Birthday of King Carl XVI Gustav and so celebrated Easter with members of the Romanian community in Stockholm.
The celebrations centred around two special church services – one being the Night of the Resurrection service on Saturday night attended by Prince Radu, and the other being a day time service on Monday, which was the second day of Easter in the Orthodox Church.  Both services were officiated by the Orthodox Bishop of Northern Europe, His Grace Bishop Macarie Dragoi, who later gave Princess Margarita the Northern Cross distinction of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Northern Europe.
After Monday’s service, Princess Margarita and Prince Radu, accompanied by the Ambassador of Romania to the United States, Julian Buga and his wife, met people from the Romanian communities in Sweden.

See original photo at http://www.romaniaregala.ro

Meanwhile, back in Romania, HRH Princess Maria attended the Resurrection Night service at the Cathedral of Cluj-Napoca in the North-West of Romania.  The next day, being Sunday and the first day of the Orthodox Easter, HRH attended the day-time service followed by a lunch.
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