Serbian Crown Prince Attends Unveiling of Memorial Plaque

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Crown Prince Alexander at the unveiling

Click the image to see the photos at the Serbian royal family website

02/10/2009 Belgrade, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia attended a ceremony for the unveiling of a memorial plaque dedicated to the students and assistant of the Mining Geology Faculty who died in an accident at the Ravanica Cave in 2007. On 30 April the three Belgrade university students and their lecturer died of suffocation after they tried to dive through water-filled pockets of the cave. There has been some confusion of the cause of the accident in the press, some spoke about carbon-monoxide poisoning, others of drowning and even poisoning with methane was mentioned.

Apart from the responsible minister and a representative of the families of the victims, prince Alexander also hold a speech. As is mentioned on the website of the royal family he said: This was a very tragic loss of four young lives. I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the young people who lost their lives while exploring the beauties of our country. Sometimes, sadly, even the most noble endeavours end in tragedy.

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