Boom! Prince Harry’s Secret Weapon In Twitter Battle With The Obamas

  April 29, 2016 at 2:53 pm by

A my-country-is-better-than-your-country battle of words occurred today on Twitter, as Prince Harry and the Obamas engaged in some pre-Invictus Games ‘trash talk’.

It began with Michelle Obama posting a video of her and President Barack telling the Prince he should have been “careful what he wished for” when he told them to ‘bring it’ at next week’s games in Orlando.

Harry was quick to respond with a cryptic “How on Earth am I going to top that?” message directed to the Presidential Couple from the Kensington Palace Twitter account, before the page uploaded a video of their own, revealing Harry’s secret response weapon (as he was not alone when he received the video, you see): he is showing the Queen photographs from the previous Invictus Games as he receives a ‘text message’ from the First Lady with the video.

He and the Queen watch the video, with a cheeky grin appearing of Her Majesty’s face at the end as she quips, “Oh really? Please.” Harry then turns to the camera and provides a ‘boom’ of his own, in case the Queen’s response didn’t quite get the message across.

The Invictus Games begin on May 8 in Orlando, Florida.

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