Princess Marie Anunciata Talks To Tory Birch

  April 29, 2016 at 7:25 am by

Princess Marie Anunciata of Liechtenstein, the pretty eldest daughter of Prince Nicolaus of Liechtenstein and Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg gave an interview to the blog  Tory Daily of Tory Birtch, which focussed on tunics.

The princess – who  works in modern art- spoke about her style. The purpose of the article was to highlight the ‘tunic’. According to the princess ‘it’s effortless, elegant and feminine all whilst being comfortable.’ She also told Tatler about her  favourite beach getaway in the world. This is Cabasson in France, where the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg has a villa with a private beach.

More interestingly, the princess also mentions that she is now assisting in composing an exposition about the centenary of Picasso’s trip to Rome and Naples with Cocteau and the Ballets Russes.

Read the interview and see the photos here.

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