Meet the In-Laws: Princess Alix Introduces Fiancé to Uncles

  April 28, 2016 at 11:51 am by

Princess Alix de Ligne took her fiance Count Guillaume de Dampierre to São Paulo, Brazil to introduce him to her august uncles, Prince Dom Luiz of Brazil (77), chef of the Imperial family and Dom Bertrand (75), Prince Imperial. Also present were Princess Alix’ cousins, Prince Rafael of Brazil and Prince Pedro Alberto de Orleans-Bragança.

Princess Alix and Count Guillaume will marry in two months in Belgium. They invited their uncles to the wedding. It is unlikely that prince Luiz will come as he doesn’t travel frequently due to his health.

It is also unknown if Prince Luiz has approved the marriage of Princess Alix to a mere count. Her cousin Princess Amélia lost her succession rights in 2013 when she married a member of the British gentry. If a count de Dampierre fits the imperial standards remains to be seen. If not: it means that there are only three dynasts left in the next generation: Prince Rafael of Brazil, his sister Princess Gabriella and Prince Henri de Ligne, younger brother of Princess Alix.

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