Royal Gathering in Monaco to Honour King Juan Carlos I

  April 28, 2016 at 11:29 am by

On April 21st Don Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon organised a party in Monaco to honour his cousin, King Juan Carlos I of Spain. The event would have been largely unnoticed by the photo agencies and consequently the royal online community, were it not for prince Jean of France.

The duke of Vendôme shared some photos of the event on his blog that were taken by David Nivière. Among the guests were king Juan Carlos, the Prince of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Monaco, the Prince of Liechtenstein, King Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, the Duke and Duchess of Vendôme and royals from the houses of the Two Sicilies, Savoy, Serbia, Luxembourg and Greece.

The duchess of Vendôme was wearing the sapphire earrings that were a wedding gift from King Simeon of Bulgaria to Duchess Maria Theresa of Württemberg when she married Prince Henri of France.

Photos here.

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