Crown Princess Mathilde Visits Hospital

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02/10/2009 Belgium’s crown princess Mathilde visited the university rehabilitation hospital ‘Léonard da Vinci’ in Montigny-le-Tilleul, near the Wallonian city of Charleroi.

The hospital has 150 beds for neurological, locomotor and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. As the princess has a degree in speech therapy and psychology she was interested in getting acquainted with the care programmes of the hospital, claims the website of the Belgian royal family.

Crown Princess Mathilde meets hospital patients

Click the image to see the photo at La Nouvelle Gazette

According to La Nouvelle Gazette, the princess was awaited eagerly by the patients and the staff, who were impressed by her kindness and charm. She especially paid attention to Andrée Baele, who has been in the hospital since December 5th and who celebrated her 74th birthday on the day of the princess’ visit.

For more photos, click here (, here (PPE), and here (Royal Press Europe)

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