Prince Henrik Gives Up ‘Prince Consort’ Title As Part of Retirement

  April 14, 2016 at 9:56 am by

A few of our eagle-eyed members noticed yesterday that Prince Henrik was referred to as ‘Prins Henrik’ not his former means of address ‘Prinsgemal’ (Prince Consort) on his biography page on the Danish Royal Family’s official website, and on the guest list for last night’s Mexican state visit gala.

And it is indeed true, as confirmed by the Court’s Head of Communications, Lene Balleby, to TV2 this morning.

Prince Henrik in his desire – in continuation of his retirement – changed his title to the less formal Prince Henrik. HRH seems that the title is better suited to his current situation as a pensioner,” she told the media outlet. 

The Prince, whose retirement from most official duties was announced during the Queen’s New Years speech, was granted the title Prince Consort in 2005. This was viewed as a small compromise of sorts to appease Henrik, who long complained about being second to his wife and not receiving the title of King.

Prince Henrik, L, at last night’s gala banquet honouring the Mexican President

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6 Responses to Prince Henrik Gives Up ‘Prince Consort’ Title As Part of Retirement

  1. Elizabeth Pease says:

    This whole farce reminds me of when Prince Philip complained that Queen Elizabeth didn’t use his surname as part of her name, and shouted out: ‘I am not even an amoeba’ in this family’. Any man, commoner or Prince, knows he will alsways be a ‘Prince’ or ‘Prince Consort’ when his wife is Queen. Why doesn’t he just go back to being Count Henri from France?

  2. Marco Scotti says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Elizabeth Pease

  3. William Higginson says:

    Prince Hendrik has done sterling work for Denmark, I am sure he is not retiring he is perhaps resting a little. The Title does not matter, its the person that matters. He always has made the Queen Happy so long may he have a more restful period of his life.

  4. Chris Van Eppd says:

    Prince Hendrik you are the King in the hearts of all the Danish people and even more so in the Queen’s.

  5. Chris Van Epps says:

    Good Luck to you and the Royal Family.

  6. Natalya says:

    Respect to Prince Hendrik !

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