Willem-Alexander Ends Secret Visits

  April 1, 2016 at 3:50 am by

King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands ended a range of  unannounced visits yesterday with a visit to the cyber unit of the Dutch secret service. Newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ reports that the goal of the unannounced visits was to see how the government policies turned out for the persons affected by them.

The last one and a half year the king visited the companies, schools,  unemployment agencies, tax services and more. The visits were not announced so the king wouldn’t be treated on the usual comittee of officials with speeches and presentations. The employees and the press are never told beforehand that the king is visiting. This leads to more relaxed meetings with people who feel more at ease to share their concerns.

The king was always accompanied by a government minister. The minister and the king usually had a meeting at Noordeinde Palace to prepare the visit. The visits are arranged by the cabinet of the king. The office is the liaison between the palace and the government and employs thirty people. According to the ministers the visits with the king are viewed as a recognition for those involved.



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  1. Dutch Royals have cyber secrets?

  2. Natalya says:

    Respect to His Majesty the King Wilhelm-Alexander !

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