King Mohammed VI Leaves Amsterdam In Style

  March 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm by

King Mohammed VI of Morocco finished his tour of Europe today. According to local television station AT5 the king left in style: forty taxis were needed to transport the king and his entourage of 400 people to Schiphol Airport. The king left the Waldorf Astoria hotel near the Leidse Square at 15:45 amidst chaotic scenes usually reserved for pop stars (see clip below).

Like in the previous days, many Dutch Moroccans turned up to catch a glimpse of the king. An enthusiastic crowd cheered and tried to take pictures and selfies. One lady even kissed the king on his forehead. The king underwent the enthusiastic farewell gracefully, though his security team seemed nervous.

During his stay the king visited the Keukenhof gardens and donated 30.000 euros to a mosque in Amsterdam-Geuzenveld. The Waldorf Astoria hotel demolished a wall between two rooms as the original room was deemed to small for the king.

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