“My Name Is On A Black List, Between Terrorists and Dictators”

  March 30, 2016 at 3:43 pm by

Delphine Boël continues her search for recognition by her father King Albert II. Boël gave an interview to the Flemish magazine Humo where she explains how her ‘life became a hell’. She also claims that the name of her and her family is on an international black list, between those of terrorists and dictators.

She names an example: to her surprise she received a notification from her British bank that they would close down her account within sixty days. Her lawyer discovered that her name was on a list of politically prominent people, who are heavily screened by the tax services.

She claims that being on this black list motivated her to start her court action. She hopes that if king Albert recognises her, she will be removed from this list.

Delphine Boël in 2014

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