A New Tiara for Crown Princess Mary

  March 16, 2016 at 2:24 pm by

Yesterday evening tiaras came out in Copenhagen when Queen Margrethe hosted a festive dinner for Art and Culture. Crown Princess Mary used the occasion to wear a new diamond tiara for the first time. The diamond tiara obviously is an antique jewel, but the origins are unknown. It hasn’t been seen on a member of the royal family before, so it can be assumed that it was newly acquired for, or by, the Crown Princess.

The other ladies all wore some of their well known jewels. Queen Margrethe had chosen her Baden palmette tiara, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte both wore their floral tiaras.

Admittedly, the Crown Princess has worn yesterday’s jewel once before, at Queen Margrethe’s 75 birthday concert in April 2015, as seen in the picture below. But back then she wore it as a necklace. Keen royal jewels watchers had immediately guessed that the necklace she wore must be a convertible tiara. And now, nearly a year later, Crown Princess Mary has confirmed these suspicions.

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