From Evening Wear to Rubber Gloves: Willem-Alexander and Máxima Have Their Turn for NLdoet

  March 12, 2016 at 9:45 am by

Last night they were hosting a black-tie concert in Paris, today they were donning jeans and rubber gloves as they did their part for NLdoet. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima volunteered at a playground in  Alphen aan den Rijn this year.

The pair eagerly got to work – Willem-Alexander carting wheelbarrows of sand to fill up a sandpit, Máxima cleaning up some of the play equipment (she even got to use a pressure washer to get off some of the more tricky grime).

King Willem-Alexander even made a comment about the vast difference in the day’s activities compared to those of the day before: “This shows once again how incredibly diverse our work is…both are equally fun.” Both he and Máxima said how nice it was for everyone to work together.

The Queen also gave an update on their middle daughter, Princess Alexia, who is recovering from a broken leg suffered while skiing in Lech – apparently she has taken to making jokes about her injury.

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