Crown Prince Alexander: Prince Charles’ Serbian Visit Important for Recognition

  March 10, 2016 at 7:51 am by

The Head of the House of Karađorđević, the final ruling family of Serbia, has called Prince Charles’ upcoming visit to the Balkan nation an important moment for the country’s global recognition.

“The visit by the future king of the United Kingdom is an important matter. It means recognition…it is a very good gesture for international relations, and it goes noticed in many other countries, in the European Union, the United States, Canada,” Crown Prince Alexander told the Associated Press during an interview at the Royal Palace in Belgrade.

“It is very important — in the case of Serbia — that we are on the map of Europe and the world.”

The Prince, who was the heir to the Serbian throne for four months after his birth in 1945, also said that Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit next week is also a special one for himself and his family, saying he was very much looking forward to welcoming the couple to the Royal Palace. Alexander and Charles attended Gordonstoun together and enjoy a friendly relationship.

Prince Alexander and his wife Katherine at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

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One Response to Crown Prince Alexander: Prince Charles’ Serbian Visit Important for Recognition

  1. Diana Lucia Zotescue says:

    Let us not forget that the blood of the Romanian Royal Family runs through the veins of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. This, along with traditional friendly ties between our two countries, makes us, Romanians, regard most favouraly every positive turn of events such as the one spoken about in the article above. Let us hope that not just Romania, but Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Muntenegru and possibly other countries in the region as well will re-establish monarchy in thee near future. So help us God !

    prof. Diana Lucia Zotescu

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