Tiara Surprise: Diplomatic Reception in Oslo

  March 5, 2016 at 12:47 pm by

Yesterday, the Norwegian Royal Family has held a Dinner for new members of the diplomatic corps at the Palace in Oslo. It came as a surprise that photographers were allowed at this annual event. So for the first time there are pictures of the royal family procession into the reception room are out in public. King Harald and Queen Sonja were leading the way, followed by Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Astrid.

20160305 sonja qQueen Sonja wore the full version of the diamond and pearl tiara which has been a wedding present to the King’s grand-mother, Queen Maud. Or better said, the Queen wore the copy of Queen Maud’s tiara. Sadly, the original has been stolen years ago, when robbers broke into jeweler Garrads in London. The tiara and some other jewels were there for maintenance and cleaning. Since the original tiara could not be retrieved, Garrads has made this copy for the Norwegian royal family.

20160305 mm qCrown Princess Mette-Marit wore her wedding tiara, a diamond bandeau with a daisy motive. This tiara was bought for her as a wedding present and has no family connection. But it is a favorite of the Crown Princess, who often wears this light-weight tiara in an unobtrusive style further back on her head.

20160305 astrid qThe King’s sister, Princess Astrid, is a regular attendant at official functions. She owns several tiaras herself, of which she chose to wear a turquoise and diamond tiara which also came to the Norwegian royal family via Queen Maud. Born a British Princess, Queen Maud had inherited this 19th century tiara from her mother, Queen Alexandra.

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