Maria Teresa Speaks Out: ‘It Is Unethical To Solve Our Problems With Taxpayers Money’

  March 4, 2016 at 1:45 pm by

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa gave an interview to French press agency AFP today. The Grand Duchess was rather open and also used the interview for some critical self reflection and talked about her dream to return to Cuba.

The Garnd Duchess said that the Luxembourg monarchy has to become more authentic and transparent. She supports her husband’s initiative to reorganise the Luxembourg court. This openess also comes with a price: the Grand Duchess is now being sued by a former maid. Instead of paying money to the maid to avoid a trial, the palace now prefers a fair trial.

According to the Grand Duchess: “it is unethical to solve our problems with taxpayer money.” She continued that she is: “convinced that by paying large amounts to avoid being tarnished, we would not be acting in an ethical manner.” Maria Teresa concluded this part by saying that she has faith in the Luxembourg justice system and that she refuses to yield to exhorbitant demands.

The Grand Duchess also spoke about the political crisis in 2008, when her husband refused to sign a law about euthenasia and as a result weakened the monarchy and saw his powers reduced. She called it a ‘difficult trial’ and was happy that a solution was found that showed that her husband did not want to hinder the democratic proces in Luxembourg.

Maria Teresa also talked about her coutry of birth, Cuba. She said she dreams about visiting her native country. She would love to go there with Mohammed Yunus, the man behind microcredits, to set up a system. She is also very supportive of the recent reproachment between Cuba and the US: “I am very happy for the people of Cuba, who have had many, many years of suffering.”

About her own role in the monarchy she said that the monarchy is an ‘affaire de couple’. She listed Spain, Jordan, Belgium and Sweden of examples where it is beneficial that a spouse is also very much involved.

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