King Mihai Withdraws From Public Life

  March 2, 2016 at 3:20 pm by

Former King Mihai of Romania (94)  will withdraw from public life and  will transfer his duties to his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margaretha (66). The king announced this in a writter statement today, he also added that he hopes that his daughter will “find the wisdom and strength to represent me and fulfill my public duties.”

King Michael has recently undergone surgery, after which he has been diagnosed with metastatic epidermoid carcinoma and chronic leukemia. He is undergoing complex and demanding medical treatments, that will prevent him from appearing in public.

The king announced his decision yesterday and today during a meeting with the royal counsil at his home in Morges, Switzerland. A member of the counsil is Archduke Lorenz of Austira-Este, Prince of Belgium, who also co-signed the statement.

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3 Responses to King Mihai Withdraws From Public Life

  1. Natalya says:

    Long live the Royal Family of Romania !

  2. Diana Lucia Zotescue says:

    It is extremely painful for our hearts to hear such sad news about our beloved King Mihai’s poor health. Let us hope God will help His Majesty fight and finally defeat this terrible disease. Let us pray that Heir Princess Margareta, as fully equipped as She is to perform Her Royal duties as requested by Her own August Father, do it, for the time being, only until our King regains His health. But eventually Princess Margareta will become our Queen some day. Long live our King!

    PS: Unfortunately, those who wrote the article above have made many grammar, language and spelling errors. They should have corrected the text before posting it, as accuracy not just of information, but of grammar, style ancd spelling as well is a form of respect for the king.

  3. Gretchen Gilmore says:

    God bless Your Majesty! May all your days be bright, loved ones close at hand, and the love and prayers of all of us in the public who esteem you bring you comfort. Your grandmother Queen Marie of blessed memory would be so very proud of you and how you’ve lived your life!

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