‘Look Here, No Here’, Dutch Royals Pose For Press in Lech

  February 22, 2016 at 5:00 pm by

This morning the Dutch Royal Family posed for the press during their traditional winter holidays in Lech, Austria. The King and his family were accompanied by Princess Beatrix and by Prince Constantijn and his family. Princess Mabel and her daughters were missing, they enjoyed their ski holiday in Lech last week and have returned to London, where schools have started again.

The family had instructed the children well, as they behaved impeccably while the photographers were shouting ‘look here’, ‘Amalia look to the right’ etc. In the mean time Dutch tourists tried to make selfies with the royals in the background.

The royals posed in different formations for the press. New was an all-male photo with the King, Prince Constantijn and his son Count Claus-Casimir. After the photoshoot was over everybody parted ways. According to royalblog.nl the princesses went skiing with their nanny, Prince Constantijn and his family went in another direction while Princess Beatrix had already quietly slipped away.

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