Where is Ernst August? German Press Searching for Prince

  February 22, 2016 at 4:10 pm by

The German magazine Bunte has been searching for prince Ernst August of Hanover, who has not been seen in public since october 2014. According to Bunte, the prince disappeared completely since his break-up with his girlfriend Simona, a prostitute from Romania.

The prince has even not been seen at family events. When Princess Eilika of Leiningen was burried earlier this year, he was represented by his two sons. According to Bunte the prince lives at a family estate in Grünau, Austria. He seldom leaves the house and is suffering from depressions. The magazine states that the break-up with Simona and the death of his friend hotelier Lars Korschen at the age of sixty in August 2014 has shaken the prince.

The prince already reduced his public activities before 2014. His eldest son took over the control of most family assets, including the German properties, the Duke of Cumberland foundation thatis based in Liechtenstein and parts of the family estates in Austria.


Link to the Bunte article, here.

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  1. Elizabeth Pease says:

    Poor excuse for a human, Royal or not!

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