Banned Documentary Reveals Juan Carlos Has Dyslexia

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This week French television station France 3 aired the Spanish documentary ‘Yo, Juan Carlos I, Rey de Espanã (I, Juan Carlos I, King of Spain). The documentary was written by Miguel Courtois. Together with Laurence Debray, biographer of the king, he also wrote the script. The documentary reviews the last 40 years of Spain’s history through the eyes of Juan Carlos.

The documentary was made in co-production with the Spanish TVE and was filmed shortly before the abdication of the king. While France 3 speaks about a ‘brilliant’ piece of work and an ‘intimate and moving portrait of a personality with an exceptional destiny’, TVE is less enthousiastic. ‘It’s about a king who is no longer king’ said a TVE spokesperson. ‘It is anchored in the past’.

Documentary with French voice over:

In the documentary Juan Carlos is open about his life. He remembers that he came to Spain as a 10 y/o and only spoke Spanish with a strong French accent. The king also remembered the years with Franco: ‘if I hadn’t put up with what I put up with, then events wouldn’t have unfolded in Spain the way they did: the return of democracy and of parliamentary monarchy’.

Infanta Pilar, sister of the king, is also interviewed. She reveals that her brother is suffering from dyslexia and consequently had difficulties in learning. The infanta adds that he developed another side of his intelligence, which resulted in his strong intuitions.

El Pais article here.

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3 Responses to Banned Documentary Reveals Juan Carlos Has Dyslexia

  1. Kitty says:

    Luckily he had the fabulous Sophie of Greece as his queen

  2. Sue says:

    Why is this Doc Banned?

  3. Natalya says:

    Bravo Le Roi Juan Carlos !

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