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Palace Releases Details of Fabiola’s Inheritance

  February 2, 2016 at 12:59 pm by

Almost fourteen months after Queen Fabiola of the Belgians passed away, the palace announced that her inheritance has finally been distributed. The sole benificiary seems to be the ‘Aid Fund of the Queen’. The fund helps Belgians in need and is currently chaired by Queen Mathilde.

According to ‘Het Nieuwsblad‘, the inheritance is estimated at € 100 million. The 37 Spanish nephews and nieces of Queen Fabiola will not receive a penny. Last week one nephew annonimously complained to ‘El Mundo’ and hinted that the family may start legal action to retrieve art objects that once belonged to the Mora family. The family doubts that these were truely Fabiola’s last wishes: ‘her whole life she said that she would support us’.

All items belonging to Fabiola will be owned by the fund. This includes letters of King Baudouin, furniture and jewels. It is unknown  what the fund will do with these items: auction them, keep them in the vault or transfer them to another fund that will allow members of the Belgian Royal Family family to use them.


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  1. Stumpf says:

    Onehundred million Euros tax payers money

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