Belgian Royals Are Looking For Balance

  January 29, 2016 at 3:51 am by

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of The Belgians continued their never-ending circle of New Years receptions. Yesterday they received the Belgian authorities at the Royal Palace in Brussels. Princess Astrid and her husband Lorenz also attended the reception. Unsurprisingly absent were Prince Laurent and his wife and King Albert II and Queen Paola. Prince Laurent has significantly decreased his number of public events since his annual dotation has been lowered. That he compared his father and brother to ‘Stasi’ officers and listed private expenses as functional costs probably didn’t improve family relations either.

While Laurent stayed at home, King Philippe focussed his speech on the problems with immigration and terrorism that his country is facing. He claimed that his country is looking for the right balance between solidairy and immigration. The monarch also pointed out that the number of migrants arriving to Belgium increases every year, which means that Belgium does take its responsibility. Perhaps that was a reference to the heavy criticism his country received after the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris, when many of the terrorists could be traced to Brussels.

The Royal couple arriving at the reception

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  1. Natalya says:

    Courage and wisdom to the King and the Queen of Belgium !Remember what the Beatles were singing – With a little help from my friends…

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